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3. Uffington area 2

  • 2022年9月18日
  • 2022年9月18日
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In the area of Uffington, Oxfordshire, England, prehistoric ruins are scattered.   Surrounding area near from famous “White Horse” shown as on map has legendary spots as follows:


(1) Dragon Hill  (2)“White Horse”     (3)The Manger   (4)Uffington castle

3-1 Dragon Hill

dragon_hill 2

 It has been suggested as some sort of Iron Age ritual site associated with the nearby hill-figure.

Dragon Hill is a natural chalk hill with an artificial flat-top (situated to the east of White Horse hill) to which clings the legend that it was on its summit that St. George slew the dragon.

The blood from the dying dragon so poisoned the ground beneath that grass never grows there.

3-2 “White Horse”

white_horse 2

Uffington White Horse is thought to be the oldest hill figure in Britain to date back as far as 1000 BC in the late Bronze Age.

The mystery of why the horse was created still remains. It can only been seen fully from the air, so perhaps it was a sign to the ancient gods, or mark of territorial ownership.

3-3 The Manger

manger 2

The steep sided dry valley below the horse is known as the Manger (literal meaning). Ripples in the eastern valley side are known as the Giant’s Stairs.

Folklore suggest that the manger is the supernatural feeding place for the white Horse which would travel from its vantage point on the crest of the hill on moonlit night.

3-4 Uffington castle

The Iron Age hill fort known as Uffington Castle is located atop knoll, about 262m high, the highest point in this area.

This rampart comprises an area if approximately 3 hectares enclosed by a single well-preserved bank and ditch. The original west entrance remains.

white_horse 2